FIFA Online 2

This is a fun app that allows you to join the fun of worldwide soccer

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Fifa Online 2 is the second version of an online game that simulates the experiences of a person who is playing soccer. With this game, it is possible to play matches against the computer, as well as matches against other people through the Internet. Even though it is not as in depth and detailed as its console versions, available on Xbox 1 and other systems, it allows a person to experience the game for free and play with his or her friends.

A person who is playing the game is able to thoroughly customize practically every aspect of the game, from the formations of the teams that are being played to the strategies that are being run, allowing the player to enjoy the experience of being both a player and a coach. It is also possible to look at the real-time stats of all of the different players from around the world, numbering in the thousands. Additional game modes are available for purchase that allow for the game to have more options. These options include a tool that will tweak the attributes of different soccer players so that they are more compatible with the game player's play style, energy drinks that will help different players recover from injuries incurred more quickly, and uniform customization packs that will allow the uniforms of different teams to fit the creative vision of the person playing the game.

Pros of Downloading FIFA Online 2:

  • Tactical Options: Because of the large number of different tactical options that are available for a player to choose from, he or she is able to customize his or her approach to the game and develop strategies that will work best against various teams. This makes the player feel more in control of the game, almost as though he or she is a coach.
  • Two Options for Play: The two options for play in FIFA Online 2 are playing against the artificial intelligence of the computer and playing against other people online. Both options are great. Playing against a computer will allow a player to get used to the controls and hone his or her soccer skills. Playing against other people will present more of a challenge and allow for more interaction in the FIFA world.
  • Graphics: The graphics, while not the greatest on the market, are still excellent. Often compared to the graphics in FIFA 2007, they allow the player to see individual details for each of the players, crowd details, and close enough information so that it is easy to accurately make shots.

Cons of Downloading FIFA Online 2:

The only real flaw in FIFA Online 2 is that the setup process for the game is very complicated. A myriad of folders and other information need to be used in order to ensure that the game is installed and set up correctly. There are a few different guides available online to help the player with this process.

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